Jet Ski

Aeolos Water Sports Malia - JetSki, Water Sports Malia

Ride fast, jump over the waves, enjoy our powerful JetSki. Before using a Jet Ski carefully listen to our experts about safety and riding tips. Did you know? Helps strengthen both the arm and leg muscles as you give them a good workout when jet skiing.


Flyfish, Water Sports Malia

Can you hold tight? Prove it, ride flyfish. All you need to try the flyfish is be a good swimmer and wear a life jacket! Did you know? How to do it: Try to stay on the flyfish for as long as you can and enjoy a fun ride on the waves!


Parasailing, Water Sports Malia

Fly through Crete skies and enjoy the view of the Island and nearby places. Parasailing is safe and fun! Unless you are afraid of heights. Did you know? You can choose between flying solo or with an instructor. Choose the mode on how you want to take the flight.


Banana, Water Sports Malia

Banana is the one of the easiest group water-activities for all ages! All you need to try the banana is be a good swimmer and wear a life jacket! Did you know? A banana boat ride is an exciting activity that allows you to have fun with your friends while burning calories.

Crazy Sofa

Sofa Water Sports Malia

We´ll make you fly over the sea so that you spin and jump. All you need to try the crazy sofa is be a good swimmer and wear a life jacket! Did you know? For the younger adventurer, speed and manoeuvres will be reduced because we want to make sure that our younger passengers also […]


Formula Water Sports Malia

Hold tight from the formula as you fly over the waves with your friends! All you need to try the formula is be a good swimmer and wear a life jacket! Did you know? Formula is an ideal team activity to enjoy with your family and friends!


Wakeboard Water Sports Malia

Stand on a wakeboard (a short board with foot bindings) and perform aerial maneuvers. Although wakeboarding is generally not a hard sport, it can be challenging even for advanced water skiers. Did you know? Wakeboarding was initially named ‘Skurfing’ because it was the combination of jet-skiing and surfing.


Aeolos Water Sports Malia - Flyboard

Get ready to launch and experience the ultimate feeling of flying. You need some time to master it but it worths every second. A unique experience for every traveler. Did you know? Flyboard is totally safe and thrilling as it combines sport with pleasure.