The place where you can find all types of tourism and be your number one holiday destination

Welcome to Crete

Welcome to Crete, the land of adventures, sun and infinite blue
Crete is a place you must visit at least once in your life. It’s an ideal holiday destination that offers any kind of adventure you have ever dreamed of. No matter the reason for visiting Crete, the experience will be intense and unforgettable. The biggest Greek island has a charming and mysterious atmosphere that connects all forms of tourism with endless places to visit, cultural experiences, and one of most delicious traditional cuisines. Whether you are a history admirer or an action addict, Crete combines it all.
Lassithi Plateau


Crete is all about nature. Big mountains crossing the island, ideal climate for products you can cultivate nowhere else in the world. Great wine and local farms that travel you back in time are some of the attractions for an authentic agrotourism fan. Agrotourism is the perfect plan for your vacation, an ideal combination of tourism and agriculture, where visitors have the opportunity to engage in numerous activities in the agricultural sector. Book a daily agrotourism trip before your arrival in order to see the virgin beauty of the island from the scope of a local farmer, learn everything about Cretan products, routines and daily habits, while showing respect for the environment and tradition.  Visit local farms, taste fruit, vegetables, wine and special local dairy products that you will find nowhere else in the world. You can also cultivate your own seeds! If you wish to take a step further, you can also participate in seminars for gathering herbs, snails, mushrooms or learn about traditional rural occupations, such as the cultivation of olives and wine. 

Adventure Tourism

Adventure tourism is the one of the most popular reasons that every year, tourists from all over the world choose to visit the beautiful island of Crete. The unexplored nature, the diverse coastlines and the rich mountain ranges that cross the island, create the perfect site for nature exploration, athletic activities and extreme sports. Select among Hiking, Diving, Mountain Biking or renting a boat for crossing rivers and bays. 

Our suggestion: A hiking route through the Samaria Gorge of 16km total length situated in the prefecture of Chania, which is one of the longest gorges in Europe or the ultimate hike on Psiloritis, the highest mountain in Crete.

Eco Tourism

If you are looking for environmentally friendly vacations, in Crete you can find plenty of low impact options, eco tours, hotels and activities that you can really enjoy. The island offers you the possibility to acquaint, explore, live and enjoy the uniqueness of nature. We should mention that Psiloritis, which is the highest mountain in Crete, has been characterised as a NATURAL GEOPARK. It is a site protected by UNESCO. You can enjoy hiking and bird watching, taste organic food. You can also visit the CretAquarium, which is among the best aquariums in the world.

Samaria Gorge
Monastery of Chrysoskalitsa

Religious Tourism

Still looking for intense spirituality and religiousness in your holidays? Again Crete is your place to be. A heaven of  beautiful monasteries, chapels and churches. You can visit The Monastery of Chrysoskalitissa, The Monastery of Preveli or The Cathedral of Chania. The cultural tradition and the long history of these monuments will enhance your visit with emotions and knowledge. On top of that Crete offers you great moments during Greek Orthodox Easter and Orthodox Greek Church Celebrations like the Assumption of the Virgin Mary, on August 15 which is a public holiday. It is one of the most important feast days in the Greek Orthodox as well as Roman Catholic calendars because it commemorates Mary’s reunion with Jesus in heaven. There are plenty of events in the island, divine liturgies, formal and informal and people celebrate as it is the peak of the Summer season.

Educational Tourism

Crete is the home of remarkable archaeological sites, breathtaking natural wonders, enduring myths, and a distinct culture that attracts millions of tourists each year. It is a top tourist destination worldwide and the perfect setting for Educational and Religious tourism, especially for visitors thirsty to learn about unique history and culture. Resorts such as Aeolos Beach Resort host education programs that enhance the experience of the destination by adding an educational component to the trip. We strongly believe in the benefits of educational tourism as a way to gain a new perspective and experiences through hands-on learning.

Gastronomical Tourism

Last but not least, if you want to add a dose of lifestyle in your holiday ritual, Crete’s nightlife will not disappoint you. Starting your day at a beach Bar like Aeolos Beach Resort, you can enjoy your cocktail while watching the sunset and then continue downtown to enjoy a Meditteranean meal tasting the Cretan cuisine and the gastronomy of the island which is really well known. Folk taverns, modern or traditional restaurants, a paradise of flavors,local dishes served with wine or raki, a culinary experience for the most demanding guests. Cretan gastronomy is one of the best in the world and if you are a culinary tourist then you should add Crete in your bucket list.

In addition, for those who want to explore the island by night, we reassure you that you will find a variety of nightlife spots to spend amusing nights for all tastes and ages. 

Crete has it all, history, culture, tradition, agriculture and activities. The largest island in Greece with a truly magical atmosphere.

Snails with Rosemary
Cretan Dakos